4ft Halfpipe DIY Assembly Kit

*Please note that your ramp will not look exactly as the one in the picture above. This is merely a computer generated image. Wood varies slightly in colour by it’s nature and the sides and tops will natural wood, not black.

This ramp offers more speed and a longer transition. With the added height and speed it makes the experience that much more exciting. Recommended from intermediate skater to pro. It can be a bit intimidating to learn on but is definitely still possible. This premium ramp will allow for all tricks, especially airs.


4ft tall x 3.6m wide x 8.5m long is R42,950
4ft tall x 2.4m wide x 8.5m long is R33,950

Which size is best? Wider is always more fun as you can extend your grinds for longer and have more space for maneuvering. But it’s all personal preference and one must take space and budget into account.


  • Premium skate ramp designed to universal dimensions
  • Standard 7ft transition radius
  • 110cm top decks to stand on either side
  • Top decks are of B/C grade pine ply construction
  • 2.4m flat middle section
  • 60mm round steel coping, 3mm thick. Universally used for skate ramps
  • Highest quality (WBP- Water boiled proof glue bonding) Birch plywood for final skate layer. This comes on top of 2 additional layers of commercial exterior ply. 
  • All holes are predrilled and countersunk
  • Stainless steel rust proof screws on final skate layer
  • Comes with all the drill bits and fittings needed to assemble the ramp. All you need is an electric or cordless drill.
  • Comes with detailed assembly instructions

The prices quoted above are if no extras are required. See our price for extras below and let us know what you want!


  • PVC Cover : R3850 for 3.6m / R3250 for 2.4m – Cover your ramp!!! PVC waterproof cover (This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!) Your ramp will not last many years without a cover! You can definitely use a cheaper plastic Tarp, it will work just fine, but PVC is king.
  • Skate Surface Seal: R900 for 3.6m / R750 for 2.4m – Top side of final skate layer sealed with Galseal timber sealer. A product that seals the wood but does not leave an oily residue on top. It is also beautifully dark brown in colour. This will prolong the life of your ramp but does not make it waterproof, only a cover will do that.
  • Seal the transition cutouts: R900 – These are the curved plywood pieces that you see from the side. Sealed using Galseal. A beautiful dark brown colour.
  • Top deck seal: R500 for 3.6m / R400 for 2.4m – Using Galseal dark brown. This will prolong the life of your top decks but does not make them waterproof
  • End caps: R2500 for 3.6m / R2000 for 2.4m Closing up the back sides of the ramp. This makes the ramp slightly quieter and also looks a little prettier
  • End cap seal: R850 for 3.6m / R650 for 2.4m  Using Galseal dark brown

How does the DIY kit work?

All you need to do is contact us to let us know which DIY assembly kit you would like to buy and if you will be adding extras to it. We will then calculate shipping costs, add this to the price of the kit and send you an invoice. Once you have paid the invoice we will then prep the kit and ship it to you. It may take 7 to 10 working days to arrive at your doorstep from when payment is received.  You will receive tracking information so you can follow your ramp every step of the way.

It will take 1 to 2 days to assemble yourself and all you need is a drill! All the holes in the plywood are predilled and countersunk. You literally just need to screw everything together. It comes with detailed assembly plans and also a link to our youtube clip that explains some of the steps to you. Furthermore you are welcome to contact us at any time with any questions about the assembly. We are just a phone call away 🙂

What about shipping costs?

Shipping such a large and heavy package costs a lot of money. Let us know where you live and we will give you a quote of the cost from our logistics partner. It is important that you budget in a few thousand rands extra for the shipping costs that will be added to the invoice. Obviously the further you are away from Cape Town the higher the cost will be. Just be prepared for a high shipping cost.




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