Building and ordering in JOZI

As you can see we are based in Cape Town. But we do love to come to Johanneburg and build Halfpipes. The problem is that travel costs are super expensive! We charge a R23,000 fee to come out to Joburg and build. This sounds crazy but when you add up the massive fuel cost pulling a huge trailer both ways, accomodation, extra time for the employees, food and vehicle expenses, you see where that number comes from.

That is why we we wait until we have a few orders so that the clients can split the travel cost and it makes things cheaper for everybody. We go to Joburg about 3 times per year or whenever we have a few orders adding up. 

So don’t hesitate, get in touch and we can add you to the Jozi list!



Cell/Whatsapp: +27 82 506 2551

Location: 17 Grand Bahama Drive,
Capri Village,
Cape Town, 7975

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