Standard 2ft Miniramp – Fully installed for you with epic Premium Features

This epic 2ft tall skateboard ramp is the ultimate beginner ramp. It’s perfect for the kids just starting out and also for the  middle age warriors trying not to break their neck while learning to skateboard. This size is small enough not to be intimidating or offer up spectacular bails, but is also a great size to learn your tricks and get a good flow going. It is also a good size to fit in some garages and the smaller gardens.

Price – Fully installed on your property with all the premium features listed below

2ft tall x 3.6m wide x 5.5m long is R49, 225
2ft tall x 2.4m wide x 5.5m long is R40, 590

Which size is best? Wider is always more fun as you can extend your grinds for longer and have more space for maneuvering. But it’s all personal preference and one must take space and budget into account.

  • Premium skate ramp built to universal dimensions
  • Fully installed on your property
  • Custom made PVC waterproof cover (not needed if indoors and price will then be reduced)
  • Standard 5.5ft transition radius
  • Transition sides are sealed with Galseal timber sealer
  • 60cm top decks to stand on either side
  • Top decks are of 18mm Shutter ply construction.
  • Top decks sealed with Galseal timber sealer.
  • 1.8m flat middle section
  • 60mm round steel coping, 3mm thick. Universally used for skate ramps
  • Highest quality (WBP- Water boiled proof glue bonding) Birch plywood for final skate layer. This comes on top of 2 additional layers of commercial exterior ply.
  • Top side of final Birch skate layer sealed with Galseal timber sealer. A product that seals the wood but does not leave an oily residue on top. It is also beautifully dark brown in colour. This will prolong the life of your ramp but does not make it waterproof, only your cover will do that.
  • Stainless steel rust proof screws on final skate layer
  • All exposed plywood ends are sealed to prolong life of ramp
  • Foundation blocks painted to match the colour of the ramp

The prices quoted above are if no extras are needed. There are 3 types of extras that are common:

  1. A balustrade *hand railings on the top decks of the ramp (For the 3.6m wide ramps – R5950. For the 2.4m wide R3990)
  2. Capping off the back ends of the ramp, mostly for aesthetics and sound reduction (For 3.6m wide R3950. For 2.4m wide R2950)
  3. If a level foundation needs to be built (Approx R4000 to R9000 depnding on site, could be more or less) 

Balustrade  (Hand railings on the top decks of the ramp)


For the 3.6m wide ramps – R5950
For the 2.4m wide ramps – R3990

Balustrades are a personal preference. Once you go higher than a 4ft miniramp then it is recommended. If the ramp is built on a slope with a foundation then the one side will definitely need a balustrade. 

Capping off the Ends

Capping off the back ends of a halfpipe is mostly for aesthetics, it just looks a bit prettier. It also reduces sound levels. We use a lovely charcoal colour than contrasts beautifully with the deep wood colours of the rest of the ramp.

For 3.6m wide halfpipes it is R3950

For 2.4m wide halfpipes it is R2950

Building a Level Foundation

For example, we need a relatively flat piece of ground to build on. We build on small concert blocks and need a somewhat level surface in order to use the block technique.

However if you have a heavy sloping yard that is not a problem! We will build a foundation on top of which will sit the miniramp. So for example if one side of the slope is 1.5m higher than the other side of the slope, the added cost to make the level foundation would probably be between R12000 and R20000, depending on the option of ramp you have chosen and the site. It could be less or more.

For piece of mind, we place the foundation on concrete garden slabs that measure about 35cm x35cm x 5cm think. We do not dig up your garden and concrete the foundation permanently in the ground. This allows for the miniramp to one day be disassembled and moved if need be. Then you are not left with a permanently installed foundation, you can simply carry the concrete slabs away and rake over the ground.

If you prefer a permanently ”dug in” foundation we are also happy to do that, the pricing will be a bit more.



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