The Process

For Halfpipe Miniramps:

It’s easy. Just give us a call, or email, or whatsapp and let us know generally what type of Mini Ramp you are looking to get. Then we set a time and date for a free site visit and quote.

We will come visit the property, take some measurements and we can have a chat about your needs and expectations. You can ask us all the questions that come to mind face to face. I will then be able to give you a final quote after the meeting.

If you are happy then we can agree on a build date and we make it happen 🙂

It normally takes between 2 and 5 days to complete the project, depending on the type of ramp chosen, the building site and general nature of the build (and the weather!)

If you live further away than a few hours or in another Province

What we will have to do is is try to get a good visual of the building site. So I will request photos from you and try to make sure we know what we are coming into from our side. This is because a site visit before hand is not possible. There will also be additional costs involved for you as I would have to factor in fuel costs, accommodation and living costs for myself and 2 extra colleagues, and our time spent travelling. It won’t be an exorbitant extra charge but it must be fair for you and us. 

If you are not in a rush then we we can wait until we have 2 or 3 jobs in a location such as Jozi or Durban then come out and build them all. This reduces the extra cost per client. But this may mean waiting several months. 

For the Quarter Pipes and Grind Boxes

Also easy. Just send us a message by email or whatsapp letting us know which product you want to buy. We will send you an invoice and banking details. We then agree on a time of pick up or delivery.

Please Note: The Quarter Pipes and Grind Boxes are already assembled and ready to skate! If you are located within an 80km radius of us there is an additional charge of R950 for delivery. If you pick up directly from us there is no extra charge. If you are located further than an 80km radius from us then we will charge more on delivery depending exactly how far away you are.

Terms & Conditions

A 65% deposit is required before construction begins. I will only purchase materials once the initial deposit reflects in my account. The remaining amount must reflect in my account by 4pm on the first day of the build, otherwise all work must be stopped.



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