Standard Miniramp Sizes

Halfpipe miniramps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, this is what makes them so fun to ride! There is however a golden standard in terms of minramp halfpipe design that makes for the perfect ride. These relate to the transition radius, the length, the width and the setting of the coping. We have very carefully taken into account all these details in order to create the perfect skateboard ramp. These are the most common sizes.

2ft tall Miniramp 

This epic 2ft tall skateboard ramp is the ultimate beginner ramp. It’s perfect for the kids just starting out and also for the  middle age warriors trying not to break their neck while learning to skateboard. This size is small enough not to be intimidating or offer up spectacular bails, but is also a great size to learn your tricks and get a good flow going. It is also a good size to fit in some garages and the smaller gardens.

3ft tall Miniramp

This ramp is our most popular and is the perfect size for all levels of skaters. It is just small enough not to be too intimidating for kids and beginners but also way big enough to allow for all the technical tricks for the pros. When you progress in your skating you will not feel held back by this ramp.

4ft tall Miniramp

This ramp offers more speed and a longer transition. With the added height and speed it makes the experience that much more exciting. Recommended for the intermediate skater. It can be a bit intimidating to learn on but is definitely still possible. This premium ramp will allow for all tricks, especially airs.

5ft tall ELITE

This ramp is for the skater that is keen for the best of the best ramps. It’s the biggest, fastest and the most exciting in our standard ramps range and is the ultimate ramp for those who have the space and budget.



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